Top depression signs . The truth

Depression represents one of the most hardest feeling someone can face.these emotions such as hopelessness and despair take hold and just won’t go. It does not really seems to be easy the way it looks . It is not always obvious. This is why so many of us struggles with it

it can interfere with your ability to work, study, eat, and enjoy life.

Going out of bed may be a big challenge for a person who represents depression symptoms .

It May last few days. Few months or even years. I suffered myself with high depression during 15 years .

Often it is hard to distinguish between someone mentally healthy, and someone suffering with this massive mental pain.

If someone smiles and look quiet normal in the outside does not’t necessarily means he or she feels same in the inside .

However, researches shows that many people have been surprised to find out that they are experiencing such thing.

So let’s discover the top depression signs.

1. Feeling sad but not sure why

Top signs of depression

living with sadness is generally a temporar emotion  , but when you are in depression , you may find yourself struggling with sadness during a long period . you often do not know the real explanation for it. You always feel sad, or empty inside during the day no matter what good things can happen. . Is related also to anxiety feeling or frustration. Also, being impatient .toward people or toward yourself. . if You feel those emotions are growing up inside of you, your depression may has been intensified .

2. Eating and Sleeping in an irregular pattern

you may find yourself either eating and sleeping too much or eating and sleeping less.caused from the lake of energy. Also, from stress and thinking too much

depression is created whenever you try to quiet the loud voices inside your head.

3. Feeling exhausted

whenever you sleep too much, rest too much, you always feel yourself exhausted not able to do anything. Preparing your breakfast. Even brushing your teeth may look like a hard task to do. . Is caused from the lake of energy . lake of energy or low vibration .

It is accompanied also with the sensation of loosing interest in daily activities .

You don’t care anymore about your hobbies, pastime and even social activities, or sex, you’ve lost your ability to feel joy and pleasure.


being depressed does not necessarily means you don’t do anything, but It can also means that you may be addicted to same habits in your daily life, for example listening to music too much. Practicing sports all the day ; watching Netflix no on and so forth. in Order to forget your pain .

5. Dark ideas

have deep conversations on your head about life and death. And seek for the purpose of life .

Suicide and death thoughts may cross your may often imagine some suicide scenarios in your head .

Usually you feel yourself directionless, and lost in this world.

Do you resonate with one of this signs?

No matter how hopeless you feel , you can get better . by understanding the cause of your depression and recognizing the different symptoms and types of it . You can take first steps too feeling better and overcoming the problem.

I want you to know that you are not alone . And together we will fight this depression. Like I got out of it. You will .

No one should fight depression alone. and neither should you

Learn how to be happy withyourself !

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