ways to balance your chakras , with simple tricks !

Balancing your chakras, is the basic task for a healthy life, because it will help you to reach peace inside of you,However it will help you increasing happiness there are different techniques that realize this equivalency, sometimes you get a very opened third chakra for example and closed other chakra will create a discomfort in your psychology system, even though in your physiology one!

so let’s get started with simple ways to balance your chakras !

Practice meditation

if you are not an expert of meditation , start by simply get in a place where you feel your self comfortable in, it can be in your house, nature, beach … where ever you feel free and calm

close your eyes, try to breath deep, try to remove all the negatives energies in your mind, release your mind ! it can be hard in the beginning, but don’t stop you can do it just keep up !!!

Go to nature

having contact with the ground, with trees, animals ,,,,will help you to open your first Shaka and balance it with the other ones, you will start feeling that energy going from the bottom the top (from your first chakra till the 7 one )

feeling of peace, of comfort, love, All high vibration inside of you ,

Be creative

Well this one will improve your third chakra power, find your super talents, discover your hobbies, start a project that you are interested in, any kind of projects, it can be music, dance, paintings, you are going to feel more creative, will help you to develop your vibration frequency.

Practice gratitude

this is the extreme and final chakra (7 one ) by doing gratitude to life, to destiny, to God

this gratitude, forgiveness ,…

, if you reach this one, it means happiness , abundance love attraction, all positive energies, in your life, it helps to have a better persons surrounding you, you become a better person,!

even chakras has it’sown colors with it’s own definition :

Red color represents your root chakra, orange — your sacral chakra, yellow — solar plexus chakra, green or pink — heart chakra, blue — throat chakra, indigo or purple — third eye chakra, and purple or white represents your crown chakra.

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  2. Hi,

    This was a quick yet informative read, I’ll definitely give these ideas a try.

    I love to design of your site. Very clean and uncluttered. I can’t wait to explore more of your posts.



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