How to stay Motivated for achieving your goals

Well as you All knows motivation is one of the most important things in life

why so ?

Because it is the key word for realizing your highest goals, if you ever want to have your own

business or would like to become an actor/actress..or maybe interested in dancing and you want to become a famous dancer

designer..whatever you want !

All you need is motivation [that easily can be found, but so hard to keep it ]

you see Motivation is the definition of emotions, it is similar to


so basically it depends on the period you are getting through, it demands on human mood, this is way it comes then goes then comes and go again.

But thank god I am here to give you the most eff

ective techniques that going to change your life !!


yeah it can sound a little Dumb , but trust me it works as Hell.

it means that before you go to bed, take a journal with you and mention down our goals for tomoroow

it can even be a small goals like, cleaning your car, or do some running, cooking your favorite food.

anything that makes you stay positive

every step will improve your daily life which will create big results in the future.



you see researches shows that successful persons are the one, who wake up early in the morning.

well , basically waking up at 5am or 6 am allows you to find a huge inspiration to achieve a lot of important thing in your day, but also, allows you to have enough time to achieve those goals.

all you need is to start your journey by the right rhythm , the right ritual

which can be, some posit if affirmations, meditation, sports, having a healthy breakfast.

so for example.

if you are a student and you want to succeed in your studies, all you have to do is start your beautiful journey by doing your homework, or making some researches on internet.

Also , practicing some body exercises at least 20 minutes per day, for the ones who want to have a sexy body.

so working hard in the morning, means finding enough time for resting, and enjoy your NETFLIX movies.

THIRD TIP : Give to your self a Gift

well , this one, is my magic tip, actually during my last years in universities, I discovered one thing that made me always motivated, and never complaining.

this tip, is simply to give to yourself a gift a long hard work.

how so ? , well if you tell yourself that for example if you finish doing your home work, or doing the thing that you have to do! , in the end of the journey you’re going to award your self, by anything that you like

hanging out with your friends, watch your favorite movie .so you can keep yourself motivated.

that was All for now , I hope you al Guys going to try one of those tips, in order to achieve your highest dreams.

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