Losing our lover, or someone that really matters to us, can be really a tough thing.specially during first days of breakup, first months.sometimes even, goes to YEARS.

This feeling is deep that it gives you the sensation of loneliness, emptiness, like you just loosed everything in your life, it is Over, it is true somehow that being with someone, sharing dreams with him/her,and than suddenly it finishes , like it never started but you know what is the good news

is that it is not really over, it is faaaar to be the case, it is just the beginning of a beautiful changement of your life if you know !!HOW!!

to experiments New challenges, adventures, don’t you want it, feeling was better, happy Alive, confident attracting better persons

but I need you to understand something, following those tips, will not allow you to just forgetting your ex , it will help you to gain more than that. YOURSELF


what I learned from my recent breakups, is that you can not move on in your life, by keeping that pain, sadness, hate or whatever you feel

no one will lie to you the real treatment for you to kick all the negative emotions inside of you, is by learning how to forgive your ex by simply start to search about the real reason for your dispute. we all humans, we all make mistakes, whatever your ex did to you, in the end you have to forgive, so you can release yourself, what I mean by that, is not to forget everything, Now of course NOT, simply to reject all the negative energy that inside of you by letting him go with forgiveness, you se forgiveness is our power gun in life. you can start learning how, by deep meditation, it Will help you to balance your third Shaka (Shaka of the heart) so no bad emotions toward that persons will last


STOP right now, what you are doing, and listen to me, this tip is reeaaaaly important .when was your last time of hair changing, doing sports, taking care of your body, your beauty

it is time for you now to change that sexy body, and to start doing what you always wanted to do, change your look, take care of your health, hair, go run . discover your real beauty.

HAVE fun

ask yourself, what is the most pleasant thing that you can do , have in your journey, do you enjoy spending time with your friends,shopping , watch NETFLIX movies, go to your favorite restaurant, cook your favorite food, travel to different cities, countries, however,LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY don’t stuck in some place with some people, forget about routine, know how enjoy life. you won’t get the chance to live twice

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