How to always look attractive .11 effective ways !

if your goal is to stay shiny, then you can simply realize this by changing the look of yourself, and set a positive changing in your personal habit it is not hard to be attractive, or to stay attractive for a long time , you just need to believe in your self and set the right beauty habits in your daily life

so let’s get started with those simple 11 techniques that will change your life

1.Accept yourself

the first key for being attractive, is to accept the way you are, the shape of your body, the way you have been created, if you don’t accept yourself, so who is going to
once you accept yourself you will sound more attractive naturally, with strong personality super clean

if you are not a big fan of taking shower every day, then it’s time to change

take a shower every day : preferably in the morning before you go out , there is nothing worst then looking dirty keep yourself clean and smelling nice

use soft gel shower : smells softly like strawberries, vanilla
avoid using perfume which has a strong smell , it can be overwhelming .

Take care of your intimate hygiene.
use deodorant on a daily basis .

wash your teeth : around 2 or 3 times in a day, after each meal, if you are out at work or traveling, take with you chewing gum, it will prevent your mouth from oral dryness, so it provides from halitosis,
do teeth whitening naturally or by laser if it is necessary .

wash your hair every 3 or 5 days : use natural shampoo with good smell, brush your hair 2 times in the day, when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to sleep at night.

3.Take care of little details

get a nice hairstyle: choose the haircut that matchs with your face shape depending on your preferancy

change the color of your hair : certain colors do look better then others , choose the one which make you feel more beautiful.

apply some keratin or protein on it :

if you have a messy hair , try to apply keratine on your hair , it will give a natural shine in your hair for couple months.

you can do it by yourself or check a special hairdresser, your hair will look more brilliant and more straight

take care of your nails : there is nothing attracting then a woman with sexy hands, Manicure and Pedicure is your solution, use nails colors and shapes that goes to natural,

Remove your body hair : remove your body hair every month by using several techniques wax is the best option for avoiding quick hair growth if you want to remove them for a long period try Laser hair removing

4.Look confident

have a straight posture, you can improve your posture by the wall method.
book method. by putting a book on your head and try to walk with it, you will look more confident, more attractive

you can try also to improve your walking, but don’t do too much, we are not in a top model show !

5.Wear clothes that makes you feel confident

it can be any style depanding on how you like , on how you feel comfortble in. it will reflect your beautiful personality.

classic clothes will help you feel more sexy more mysterious, try the right size, right color : that match into your skin tin , clothing that is way too big or too small isn’t flattering , find ideal size that fit you well .

try to change your clothes everyday

6.use the right makeup

apply makeup that match to your skin color, don’t use too much, you are not a clown, if you have a big eyes focus on mascara, eyes makeup, don’t add a strong lips color apply the right face powder color and type, if you don’t have too much experience with makeup you can ask advises from your cosmetic.

7.exercise sports

at least 20 minutes every day, if you are not a big fan of sports, you can start with simple exercises at home like 40 squats 40Deadlifts 20 lunges ,

have that sexy body, focus on the parts you Want to loose.

run or walk every day 20 minutes

8.Eat healthy

eat healthy, provide a lot of fruits and vegetables in your meals menu, vitamins will perfect your skin, you will look more young, more energetic, try to consume everyday foods that contains protein, like fish, chicken , meat.

avoid drinking soda, too much alcohol

don’t worry, you can have your favorite food, or favorite cake once in the week, it won’t influence on your diet

9.Drink too much water

recent searches showed that drinking too much water in the day has a big effect in our mental and also in our physical body, drink at least 2 litters the day, which means around 8 cups a day ! kind, help others

it seems blizzard, but trust me it is true, you look more magnetic with a kind personality, so start helping your surrenders, friends, family,do not be rude or impolite toward people, you will be remembered in a positive way.

11.Always smile

learn to smile always , don’t sound too crazzy with a big one , adapt a medium smile , people will like you , and return your smile , having a pleasent facial expression will atract people .

12 Replies to “How to always look attractive .11 effective ways !”

  1. Great post Hadjer. These are some good tips that many people take for granted. But it is these little things that can make a huge difference in the way that we look and present ourselves before other people. I believe the most important tip is the first one where we have to accept ourselves for who we are. We may be different from other people in certain ways and many times we wish we can look like those celebrities, but we might have characteristics that those celebrities wish they had and that is what makes each of us unique in our own way. Thanks again for sharing these wonderful tips. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    1. hey jimmmy 🙂 ! welcome to my website
      i really appreciate your comment , very kind of you to read my article ..
      yes you are right about saying that we should be granted , it is true that self acceptance is the key for our true happiness , and looking naturally confident , i will try to post such articles in the future .
      thank you again and have a nice day !

    2. Hey there. Well done o you. This is a very important post and is according to people that are not so comfy with their shape, they must need to love themself as they are and do not underestimate themselves and they need to get motivated TODAY

    1. thanks dear 🙂 it’s nice of you to read my article , i will try to improve my articles more in the future !
      i hope those tips are going to change too many persons life , and you as well
      have a nice day !

  2. Feeling attractive inside will reflect the attractiveness you have on the outside. You have a great list in this post. Everyone should always give a little extra in whatever they do. From the foods we eat to the products we use on a daily basis to the clothes we wear and how we treat ourselves and others all go hand in hand. Some may think that it may be vain to do some of these things but we were meant to be the best version of ourselves and this means taking care of yourself in all ways.

  3. Water, exercise and bathing every day are three GREAT tips to helping you feel good about yourself! Thank you for sharing! I always remember to smile at others as I pass them as it makes ME feel happy as well as giving joy to others!

    1. Hi Andrew Welcome to LifeVibe :))
      Thank you for your comment
      Yes Definetly you should practice more sports, start with easy exercices, Day by Day it Will become a habit in your daily life
      Have a Nice Day !

  4. Hi there. This is a very nice article. I’m confused by number 9, though. It implies drinking more than you should “too much”; perhaps you just meant “a lot”? I’ve read mixed opinions on what constitutes too much, as in an unhealthy amount, of water. It depends on your lifestyle. An active farmer would need much more water than I do. I agree with you completely on hair care. Thanks for the lovely article.

    1. Hey cathie, Welcome to LifeVibe and thank you for your lovely comment
      Actually i meant drink a lot of Water, if you used to drink only 1 liter or less then you should increase that
      Water contains a lot of benefits to our body, you Will feel more energetic and concentrated during the Day, so it is good for your body and Health.

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