High and Low Vibrations .The Signs

The narcissistic pervert :

High and low vibration which represent the degree of our energy frequency, so we humans consider ourselves as an energy.

Have you ever wondered about the reasons why. a toxic person are acting that way. Such a negative thing in our lives, we all got those kinds of persons in our  lives, those toxic persons, also known as Pervert narcissist , it could be one of your family members, your housemate, your classmate, your friend.

However, living with such persons can affect a lot of negativity in our daily life, not only that, but being in contact with them can be tough to our psychology health, because they can absorb somehow our good, positive energies .

So if you ever wondered about the reason why they act that way or maybe if you wonder why you feel yourself somehow always depressed, anxious being with yourself. It do not necessarily means that you are a toxic person your way .

It simply means that you are suffering from Low vibration , this is the same vibration frequency that toxic persons are suffering from, the small difference is that it is in the degree of the energy frequency .

Researchs shows that, all human can not have a high vibration completely , so suffering from low vibration is a normal thing, but we need to learn how to increase this energy .

so Pervert narcissist also suffering from having a low vibration in a high degree, that’s what explains their attitudes, their bad acts toward their surrenders.

Meaning of Low vibration :

Low vibration or negative energy is the definition of someone’s dark side as jealousy, anger, envy, self serving... so on and so forth .

the reason for feeling those bad emotions is that of your low energy ,

Example for that ; feeling stuck in your life, causes you the feeling of depression, stress, anxiety ….

lack of gratitude can be the reason for that low energy .


lack of confidence

having no goal in life

psycologists shows that not all human can have a complete high frequency, successful persons just learned the right way to control their bad emotions, and learned awareness skill .

Signs that you have a Low vibration :

you find it hard to forgive yourself or people from the things that they have done to you

feeling angry toward those toxic people, toward yourself as well because you felt like they have victimized you

feeling guilty about the things you have done in your past

you find it very hard to progress in life

Meaning of high vibration :

Anything that has relation with positively as : Love. Joy . Empathy… is something to do with high vibration.

people with this kind of energy are the persons who reached happiness and understood the real meaning of life, it can be really hard to arrive to this point, where you learned to forgive everyone in your life, to forgive yourself from the things you have done, and consider them as a lesson in your life

instead of envy people, they are working on achieving their goals. Having a high energy is the description of a strong person , not as the toxic persons thinks.

Signs that you have a high vibration :

you have such sense of humor toward life. Not focusing only on problem itself.

you are highly creative. And full of new ideas .

you got a lot of imaginations, a lot of inspiration

being emotionally balanced. Learn how to balance your chakras

emphatic toward your surrenders , by seeing behind their eyes

you can learn how to increase your vibration, and have the perfect life within your dreams. Nothing is impossible, you just need to believe yourself and set new positive beliefs in your life .

2 Replies to “High and Low Vibrations .The Signs”

  1. Thanks for interesting article. Looks like I have low vibration. Life is not easy and it is not easy to stay happy and positive despite the all challenges face us, however it is endless and it is necessary to learn how to see positive things and enjoy your family and not to concentrate on bad things. ..well easy to say not easy to do.

    1. Life is not easy but We can learn How to make it easy by simply change the way We think, the way We see it.
      It is all about our beliefs
      Thank you for your kind comment.

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