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how to be happy with yourself

In order to understand how to be happy with yourself , you need to look about how you think, how you see life, that you live in, the environment that surrounding you, HOW do we react for the things that happens to us ?

So today i’am going to give you few techniques, that will help you to reach happiness ,

1_Set a goal

If you don’t have a goal, something that you want to reach in your life means that you will still have no clue about what to do in the present moment, in the coming days ,,,,, in the future

how can you feel the taste of life with any goal? without any objectives in your life ? this is what makes a lot of us lives in misery , Learn How to stay Motivated for achieving your goals

this is the deepest reason for our sadness, successful persons are the persons, who has at least one goal in their life, that they kept working on till they reached it, till they reached their happiness don’t you want to be a part of them?

why can’t you start right now, by asking yourself the real question , 😉

2_ Learn to love yourself

this one is the basic tip for sucsses, if you don’t love yourself, ain’t respect yourself, how can you live a peaceful life, or how can you even support to live with yourself ?, have’n’t you notice each time someone tells you he loves you, you just feel way happier ? yes because we human, we need to feel loved, but how can we be loved and we don’t support ourselfs , this the missing key for being happier, by being more confident, finding your real values, in life, if you support yourself, everyone is going to support you 🙂


a real magic trick 🙂 , for obtaining high vibration, you just need to have the right beliefs, that will magically change your negative thoughts, to better one, how does it work ? simply by writing some positive words that you mention in a paper, in a place easy to reach in the morning or before going to bed at night, that includes phrases like, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU CAN MAKE IT , ,,,,

see as humans we only need repetition for changing our way of thinking, it is how subconscious minds works, so start doing this day after days ==, and let the magic happens !!!!

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